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My new passion: 100% cocoa chocolate

December 29, 2012 @ 12:49 pm

Forget 99% cocoa chocolate. This Christmas season I have discovered something deeper, something on the verge of purity. My old auntie who is so into healthy good and well-balanced diets treated me with 100% Russian chocolate bar.

To be honest with you, I could tell the difference from 99% one not at once, but once I got used to the taste, I felt purity in my mouth. No spices, no sugar, nothing else, just me and cocoa.

Now, auntie so far away, I am on my 100% cocoa bar hunt. If you want to try, order one bar first. If you like it, I bet you will come for more.

in the United Kingdom

I found this the most popular with good reviews from Healthy24x7:

Ghirardelli, Premium Baking Bar, Unsweetened Chocolate, 4 oz (113 g)

Also comes in baking/cooking version:

Ghirardelli, Natural Unsweetened Cocoa, 10 oz (283 g)

Pralus is ultimate in cocoa content and is solely for the strict, extreme bitter chocolate lovers. It uses only fine flavour: Criollo cocoa from Madagascar. The bar contains no sugar and is also suitable for diabetics:

Pralus, Le 100%, dark chocolate bar

Another famous brand Zotter provides you with organic version, and not so much pricey (only for extra 30 percent from what you would paid for those on top):

Zotter, Organic, Peruvian, 100% Dark Chocolate, 70 g

If you don't leave in the U.K. or Europe, you can order similar products in other countries:

in the U.S.

Ghirardelli, being pack of 6 x 4 ounce (113 g) bars - is really a bargain (have ordered this one actually):


This Pralus comes in BIO version, so, yes, it is organic:

Pralus, Le 100%

in Canada


Then, there is even a book on this topic:

by Katherine Khodorowsky and Herve Robert

If you read it, please leave your thoughts in the comments. Would love to hear your opinion before buying.

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